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Zagreb – A Witch Hunt and Revealing the Secrets of Grič and Famous Authors

10 November 2011 No Comment

Did you know that the last European witch was burned at the steak in Zagreb during the dark middle ages? Why and where were they burned, did they stand trial and which traditions accompanied this dark deed? All of these questions are important parts of Zagreb`s history which tourists can from now re-live as participants of the latest sightseeing tour under the name «Vještičje Kolo» (Dance of the Witches). Participants of this program will literally be dragged into the mysterious witch hunt, just like between the 14th and the 18th century, when more than 250 witches were burned in Zagreb. The tour begins traditionally, with a narrative story, but with the sudden appearance of mysterious characters, the participant become active hunters for the `real` witch of Zagreb. The story then gets hotter, the hunt continues, and then a number of details about real events that occurred in Zagreb at that time are revealed. The tour also describes what Zagreb once looked like as well as the local traditions.

For visitors more inclined to revealing the nicer side of history, especially the one connected to literature, a program under the name `Knjigom po Zagrebu` (Zagreb Through a Book) is offered. This is an interactive sightseeing tour which enables visitors to get to know the rich literal heritage of Zagreb, as well as a string of less known details from the private lives of the literary greats. The tour is based on sightseeing the seven most representative monuments dedicated to writers in Zagreb, but the `story` does not focus on the well known facts and concentrates on their private lives, which reflect the literal and political life of the country at that time. This particular approach enables tourists to get to know Zagreb from a very attractive but also less known perspective.
«Tajne Griča» (The Secrets of Grič, Grič is hill, a part of the old upper town of Zagreb) is the name of an interesting night tour of the Upper Town, aimed at visitors who wish to get to know the historical and secretive side of the capital city. Visitors actively participate in various played out events from the history of Zagreb, from which some will get chills, while others will mellow. The tour is based on historical facts as well as parts of the novels by the most read Croatian author Marija Jurić Zagorka, and famous city legends. The tour is unique because it takes place during night time and has a costumed guide and characters who present events from the history of Zagreb in a picturesque and interactive way.

«Dance of the Witches», «Zagreb Through a Book» and «The Secrets of Grič» are three new additions to the themed tour programs of Zagreb, which in its previous tourist offer already contains some fifty different programs.

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