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Varaždin – Trash Film Festival

22 November 2011 No Comment

From the three European film festivals dedicated to trash, one is held in Varaždin. Screened at the Varaždin Trash Film Festival are action, horror and SF films, which all have in common the exaggeration of their movie genre. But the film side of trash is only the first step in the three day event (8 -10 September) in Varaždin. There is exaggeration in a whole string of non film events while glittery suits, faded pop stars, red carpets and white limos present only a part of the authentic glamtrash atmosphere that the festival brings to Varaždin. 48 films signed up for the festival this year, from which 28 went into the competition for the main prize – the so called Golden Chinsaw, which represent a homage to the cult film `Texas Chainsaw Massacre`. One of the films comes from USA while the others come from the EU, mostly from Spain and Croatia. The most common genre is horror and SF film.

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