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Varaždin – Back yards as a tourist attraction

15 November 2011 No Comment

`Stories of Varaždin`s back yards` is a new program that is aimed at attracting more tourists throughout the year by Varaždin locals as to introduce them to the culture, architecture and the way of life in this city. Varaždin`s historical town core is abundant in very attractive yards that tell stories of former and current tenants. The tourist offer should be enriched with this program and the protection, refurbishment and value of the cultural heritage should also be upgraded. The first such yard was Dvorart, which opened its gates last year for the famous Varaždin event ‘Špancirfest’ – the festival of good emotions. In this yard tourists can have a rest in the pleasant ambience, right next to a garden full of various plants. The yard is planned to be widened and additionally decorated by the beginning of this year`s Špancirfest in August, as to be ready for groups of around 20 tourists. Various workshops should be organised for them, for example, souvenir making and tasting of original local dishes.

Last year, Varaždin was put in first place, as a destination to be seen in Croatia, by the tourist guide Lonely Planet, which described it as a town of carefully preserved Baroque architecture.

In the historical necklace of central European cities, Varaždin is today described as a rare urban pearl, a town-museum of a kind, which shows its specific identity through the beauty of its Baroque architecture and warmth of its lovely squares, streets and parks as well as the value of its rich and preserved museum collections. Numerous culturally-historical sites are witness to the history of the town, more than eight centuries old, where many Croatian noblemen, craftsmen and artists lived, especially at the end of the XVIII century, when Varaždin flourished as the capital city of Croatia.

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