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The BBC invites tourists to Croatia

23 November 2011 No Comment

On the cover of one of the world`s leading media, the BBC, a long article recently appeared in which it is announced that the Croatian coast will be „ready for harvesting“ from 2013 and invites the whole world to „buy Croatian“. The author of the article praises Croatia and practically invites everyone who has not already visited to come to this part of the Mediterranean and if they are smart, buy some land and live there forever.

Since the war ended in the 90s, Croatia has become a leading tourism destination for western tourists. Miles of beautiful Adriatic coast and forests and lakes in the inland have attracted travellers and second home buyers from all over the world. In a unique way, Croatia combines the Slavic heart with the Mediterranean soul, says the author and states that Croatia is a country with a thousand islands, a 1778 kilometre long coastline and over 300 sunny days a year. The emerald sea is crystal clear and the seafood is incredibly tasty.

Even though the inland is aboundant with karst mountains, beautiful lakes and waterfalls and Zagreb has a rich culture and fantastic night life, the main tourist attraction and the centre of everything is along the coast. Visitors literarlly rush to the pebbled beaches of the Istrian peninsula, the beautiful islands on the turquoise sea, are amazed by the history, culture and beauty of Split and Dubrovnik and attend the fancy parties on the island of Hvar – the author describes Croatian tourist offer and adds that the top quality olive oil and wines are proof of its Mediterranean roots.

She goes on to state that the Istrian peninsula with kilometres of beautiful coastline is close to Austria and Italy and is very popular among buyers from the north of Europe and Italy. The fertile hills in the inland of Istria have for many become the new Toscani, with attractive old houses that are definitely worth renovating and villages which offer numerous delicacies, such as for instance, white truffles.

The town Opatija is a pearl of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, where the architecture reflects its European past. It is a sophisticated and fancy place which attracts buyers with high spending power, states the article and stresses how the Croatian islands are altogether a special story.

Dubrovnik was, of course, also mentioned. This beautiful pearl of the Adriatic is one of the most popular destinations. The author points out how Croatia is successfully fighting against too much concrete and huge buildings along the coast beacuse it wants to keep the special quality with which it has attracted so many visitors.

In the article, the BBC stresses that there are good ferry connections all along the Adriatic coast, a presence of almost all the European air carriers in the Dubrovnik and Split airports and that Zagreb is connected by rail lines with almost the whole of Europe.

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