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[8 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

Sinjska Alka – a three hundred year old knights’ tournament in Sinj, and the honey making trade from the area of northern Croatia, have recently been included on the UNESCO’s representative list of non-material cultural heritage of mankind. At the same time, the musical expression known as ‘ojkanje’ was included on the UNESCO list of endangered non-material cultural heritage which needs urgent protection.
Sinjska Alka, the knights’ tournament in Sinj, has been held annually since 1717 in Cetinska krajina. During the competition the knights ride on horses in full gallop through …

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[8 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

Dubrovnik, the most famous Croatian tourist destination, has been celebrating the feast of its patron saint, Saint Vlaho for more than a thousand years. This tradition is deeply rooted among the population of Dubrovnik and its value is increasingly recognized by tourists. The fact that this is indeed a real treasure beyond local boundaries was confirmed by UNESCO, which included it on the list of the world’s protected intangible cultural heritage. This happened thirty years after the city of Dubrovnik was included on the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage …

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[23 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
Formation of the Largest Protected River Area in Europe

Croatia and Hungary have agreed on the establishment of a cross-border Mura-Drava-Danube biosphere reserve within the UNESCO “Man and Biosphere” program. The biosphere reserve is a representative ecological area with three basic tasks: to protect natural assets, to encourage sustainable development and to stimulate scientific research related to the improvement of the quality of life and sustainable use of natural goods. With very rare but large flood forests, river islands, pebble and sand coasts and oxbow lakes, this protected area covers 500 kilometers of three river flows and around 630 …

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The Dubrovnik Festa svetog Vlaha [Festival of St. Blaise]Dubrovnik’s patron, lace from Lepoglava, Hvar and Pag, vocal duets in the narrow region of Istria and the Croatian Littoral, the art of manufacturing traditional wooden toys from the Hrvatsko zagorje region, the annual spring procession of Ljelje (Queens) from Gorjani, the Za križen (Following the cross) procession on the island of Hvar and the annual carnival bell ringers’ pageant from the Kastav area have all recently been registered on the UNESCO World Non-Material Cultural Heritage List. During the UNESCO conference in …