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[14 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

`The search for the hidden treasure of Fažana` is the name of the new project that has been thought up by the local tourism workers for the guests of this Istrian town, but mostly for children. It is a new, fun way of getting to know the sites of the historical core of Fažana.
Material and non material goods, as well as natural sites important for the history of Fažana, have been marked on the children`s tourist map which has been printed in Croatian, Italian, English and Greman. Children can go …

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[9 Nov 2011 | No Comment | ]

There are only seven surviving statues of the ancient Greek athlete Apoxyomenos in the world, one of which was found right here in Croatia. More than two thousand years old ancient bronze statue of an unknown author was found in 1999 in the sea near the island of Lošinj, wedged between two rocks at a depth of 45 meters. Over two thousand year old athlete was lifted from the depths of the sea and after almost seven years of restoration returned to its former glory.
The statue represents an athlete, a …

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[23 Nov 2009 | No Comment | ]
Liburnia – Following the Path of Frankopans

Liburnia is an area of rich history, which provided Croatia with the first script, code and presses, as well as the story of the Frankopans, a noble family who have left a deep mark on Croatian history during their centuries-long rule. The effects of their rule are still visible today through the remains of their forts, castles, towers and other buildings they ruled from. Ten out of the 19 castles and fortresses have been renewed and decorated as a part of the “Following the Path of Frankopans” project and they …

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According to the Catholic calendar, St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on 11 November, and in Croatia, particularly in its northwest part, Martinje (St. Martin’s Day) is celebrated as a wine holiday, that is, a holiday for must [young wine]. It presents an opportunity to organize many festivities during which the winegrowers and their friends thank St. Martin for a good harvest and the young wine. But who is St. Martin and why is he connected to the custom of christening must? St. Martin, who has been shown as an ascetic …