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Soon direct flights from Croatia to the USA

8 November 2011 No Comment

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the Croatian Vice Pesident and Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Gordan Jandroković signed an Agreement of Air Transport between the USA and Croatia on 3 February 2011. They agreed that this would allow the arrival of a large number of American tourists to Croatia and open new investment opportunities.

The agreement was signed shortly after the American Aviation Authorities (FAA) recently established that Croatia meets the ICAO international safety standards in aviation and have granted Croatia category 1.

The Croatian and American airlines are now able to establish direct flights between the two countries, and first such flights can be expected during this year’s tourist season. This is the so-called “code share” agreement, which means that Croatia Airlines and the U.S. national carrier will have linked flights to America which would mean less transfers and waiting for passengers.

Category 1 was granted to Croatia based on completion of the FAA’s supervision of the Croatian Agency for Civil Aviation during which it was established that extraordinary progress had been made and that all necessary international criteria has been met regarding the supervision of aviation safety.

Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure

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