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Krapina – Summer with the Krapina Neanderthal man

16 November 2011 No Comment

One of the most impressive symbols of Krapina, a town in the heart of the Croatian Zagorje, is most certainly the Neanderthal man, the pride and proof of Krapina`s long and rich history. A visit to Krapina will not just be an ordinary visit to a town but a visit to a famous archaeological site, one of the cradles of mankind in this area.

Marking this unique value, there will be various programs taking place in August, on the streets of Krapina, all under the name `Summer with the Neanderthal man`. There will be an organized tour of the city with expert guides, a religious fair on Trški Vrh and a trip to the nearby hill Strahinjčica.

Krapina is most famous for the archaeological site of the Neanderthal man on the hill Hušnjakovo. One of the most contemporary museum projects in Croatia and this part of Europe, the Museum of the Krapina Neanderthal Man, was opened last year. On a surface of around 1200 square metres, visitors can experience an interesting story about the life and culture of the Neanderthal man in Krapina, numerous multimedia and other contents, as well as special architecture. The new museum is connected with sandy walking pathways to the site itself, on the hill Hušnjakovo.

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