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Istria is the favourite destination of German self-drive tourists

8 November 2011 No Comment

In the big survey carried out by the German Auto-Moto Club ADAC, among German tourists who travel on holiday in their personal vehicles Istria came first in the category of the most favourite tourist regions. Croatia, on the other hand, is among the five most popular destinations of German tourists who tend to spend their vacation in Germany. This was shown through research carried out by ADAC, Europe`s largest auto-moto club, analyzed within the frame of over 1.7 million inquiries about routes of travelling posted on the website of the club.

Almost 38 percent of German tourists decided to drive to a holiday destination within the borders of Germany. The second country on the list of the most popular German tourist-drivers’ destinations is Italy (17. 4 percent), the third is Turkey (7 percent) and the fourth and fifth place was taken by Austria (6. 5 percent) and Croatia (6 percent).

In the past year the Istrian peninsula was at the very top of the favourite tourist regions list. Istria is the most popular region among German self-drive tourists and 5. 1 percent of the surveyed people opted for Istria. Istria has overtaken the ever popular Upper Bavaria (4.5 percent), which was followed by famous destinations such as the Mecklengburg Lakes (Germany), Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and South Tirol (Italy).

This is the second time that Istria was proclaimed the most popular tourist region in Europe since 2002, when ADAC began to analyze the travel patterns of German self-drive tourists.

Another interesting fact is that holiday destinations in Croatia were also very well accepted among German campers. The highest number of German campers decided to set up camp in Germany (26 percent). Second on the list is Italy (20.4 percent) and Croatia is in third place with 15.6 percent. Fourth and fifth place are taken by France and Spain.

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