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Educational Trail on Virovitička Bilogora

23 November 2009 No Comment

One of the most visited Virovitica excursion destinations is the educational trail (Poučna staza) on Virovitička Bilogora. The trail is four kilometers long, shaped in the form of a heart, and passes through the sessile oak and silver lime tree forest almost in its entirety. One can walk the whole trail in two hours at a gentle pace and with occasional stops,. Information tables have been placed along the trail on which one can read information about the history of the Bilogora region and the natural and cultural sites that are visible on the trail such as the sessile oak forest complex and one of the most beautiful forest complexes of the silver lime tree in Europe, the protected species the otter and black stork, the source that Baron Trenk drank from, the place where a Roman soldier’s grave from the first half of the 4th century was found, etc. There are around twenty top quality water springs on Virovitička Bilogora and the educational trail passes near one of these springs through which more than 10 000 liters of water come out every day. The trail was opened four years ago on World Environment Day and tens of thousands of tourist, scouts, pupils, mushroom gatherers and hikers from all around Croatia and the world have visited it so far. There are almost 12 kilometers of marked recreational mountain and hiking paths found along this trail.

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