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Drava Valley Pearls

23 November 2009 No Comment

The 720-kilometres-long River Drava connects the countries and cultures from the Italian Alps in South Tyrol, Austrian Pustertal valley and the Slovenian Alps all the way to the middle European Pannonian valley. After it passes through Croatia and the southern Hungarian border, and is strengthened by the waters of River Mura, it joins the great Danube near the town of Osijek. Along this route, the River Drava also passes through the area from Donji Miholjac to Belišće, which has encouraged the Donji Miholjac Tourist Board to put together a project called “Drava Valley Pearls”. The project’s aim is to learn about the cultural and tourist heritage of the Drava valley, the protection of the coastline, the improvement of the conditions regarding the quality of tourist accommodation and the social community, the presentation of eno-gastronomy to tourists, as well as the promotion and presentation of local, indigenous products that can be found along the Drava valley. It is foreseen that the entire project will be carried out on the right bank of the River Drava, along the border with Hungary, Donji Miholjac and the towns of Sveti Đurađ, Podgajci Podravski, Rakitovica and Miholjački Poreč. An adventurous trip for tourists along the River Drava is planned in the program, as well as scout excursions and camping. Local family households will offer the possibility to taste blackberry wine, to go on a tour of the hazelnut plantation, to taste goat cheese etc. In terms of cultural, sacral and natural heritage, the castles Prandau-Mailath will be made available to tourists, as well as the monument of Franz Joseph I, six churches, and a sheltered park etc.

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