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When you start to begin thinking about the place where you would like to spend your holidays you will hardly find an area in Europe that is more beautiful and more natural than Dalmatia. There, the Adriatic Sea is close to the highest peaks of the Mediterranean Sea and has built an unique landscape that has become a paradise for travellers.

Dalmatia offers a coast with a multitude of islands, picturesque beaches covered by pine trees and white fine gravel at the shores of the crystal-clear sea. As if to say: “with the head in the shadow, with the belly in the sun and with the feet in the water!”

The region presents a harmonious combination of the beauties of nature and a history enduring for centuries .The influence of the ancient world, the old Croatic period, the Romanesque period and the traditional architecture are omnipresent allover the coast in the picturesque spots and urban centres. Therefore the guests can spend their holidays with a number of activities and with visiting attractions. In Dalmatia you will find silence but also funny and loud mediterranean nights that you can discover only in the south. Furthermore there are various leisure activities, like for example tennis, cycling, sailing, diving, rafting, freeclimbing, paragliding and many more.

In almost every hotel and holiday resort there are in- and/or outdoor pools that are mostly filled with water from the sea. Besides there are often saunas, fitness studios and massage parlours. For the small ones there is of course a playground and often there is minigolf nearby. Almost everywhere in Dalmatia you will find bike rentals. Therefore the region is an ideal place for sporting and active holidays – also with children. The best choice is to rent a holiday house in Dalmatia and to enjoy the variety of this region.

The beaches of Dalmatia are very clean and easily accessible. Guests will find kiosks, beach pubs and boat rentals where they can also rent surf boards. There is always a gentle wind. In almost every larger town there are also car and motorbike rentals.

The average air temperature in Dalmatia during the summer months is between 27 and 33 degrees and also the water has an average temperature of 25 degrees.

If there is something that is common for the Dalmatia region, it is the simple and well-tempered nature of the hosts, their loud but open-hearted character and their wish to offer the best that they have to the guests.

This is a souvenir that stays in your memory and that will make you want to come back again.

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