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Croatian »sobes« praised in the LA Times

15 November 2011 No Comment

Recently published in the LA Times was an article in which the author praises the beauty of Croatia, the hospitality of the locals and the uniqueness of the private accommodation on offer. The author Kayleigh Kulp, has travelled along a good part of the Croatian coast and wrote a detailed report with a special accent on private accommodation, small family hotels and, as she calls them – «sobes» (transl. rooms). The meaning of this foreign term for Americans, was explained by her in this way; ` Sobes (pronounced so-beys) or family hotel rooms are for rent in private homes and are common across Croatia, especially along the Adriatic coast.`

This charming term was immediately recognized by the readers of the LA Times, who made comments and wrote about their own impressions from holidays in Croatian `sobes`.

`The offer of private `sobes` is huge, and this is maybe the best accommodation during a visit to this region`, stated the author in the introduction.

With a lot of excitement, she recommended them as simple, clean and significantly cheaper than hotel accommodation and came to a conclusion that the best way to get to know the `breathtaking beauty of Croatia` is through them, because you get to live the life of your hosts, who in return try their best to make your stay as pleasurable as possible. The author praises the comfort and décor of private rooms and apartments as well as small family hotels. She also described the local way of advertising `sobes` in coastal towns; the locals wave their cardboard signs with `sobe` or `do you need a room` written on them, and show tourists photographs of their houses. She was not bothered, she states, when they were surrounded in Dubrovnik by the many local trying to rent out their rooms.

Contrary to regular rooms, `sobes` have more space, including a kitchen and bathroom. Unlike in a hostel, you do not share `sobes` with other unknown guests. The comfort is different from house to house, form luxury ones with a kitchen and private bathroom to simple rooms.

The advantage in renting `sobes` is more privacy, states the author, because when you come out of your room you do not encounter any other members of the household and you have absolute freedom of movement. The hosts are also known to surprise their guests with a morning cup of coffee and cakes, which they do not charge for.

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