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Croatia Instead of Egypt and Tunisia

10 November 2011 No Comment

Riots and political turmoil in North Africa affected the change in plans of tourists from Germany so as an alternative to Egypt and Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, and especially Bulgaria and Croatia have imposed themselves, according to the research conducted by the agency “GfK Travel Insights”.

The study is based on reservations data collected from 1200 travel agencies in Germany. GfK said that the turmoil in North Africa for a majority of German tourists meant the postponement of trips to Egypt and Tunisia planned for the pre-summer period, as well as the fall in demand for summer vacation in these countries. After Spain and Turkey, Egypt is the third most popular package- tour destination among Germans, and nearly a third of the total annual Egypt holiday package sales are carried out in Germany in January, says the report.

The Germans, it adds, now considerably use the opportunity of free rebooking or choosing alternative vacation destinations offered by travel agencies. Turkey and Spain have especially great advantages of these options, with a rise in bookings between 35 and 45 percent in the first few weeks of this year. Other alternative routes are Italy and Cyprus, and especially Bulgaria and Croatia, the report said.

The Germans are very important for Croatian tourism because they have the highest number of arrivals and overnight stays among foreign tourists in Croatia. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, last year generated more than 1.5 million tourist arrivals from Germany to Croatia, and 11.5 million overnight stays, which is a share of 22.5 percent of total foreign tourist nights in Croatia in 2010.

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