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“Baranjski godišnjak”(Baranja yearbook)

23 November 2009 No Comment

Baranjski godišnjak” (Baranja yearbook) is a new publication in which the local community tries to portray all the possibilities and potentials of tourism in the Baranja area. The purpose of the publication is mostly promotional, with many photographs and maps and a calendar of all significant events. The book is divided into four parts. The first part titled “Moja Baranja” (My Baranja) gives a short insight into the history of the area, the present situation and organization with an address book and telephone numbers of all important institutions, as well as plans for the future and the direction in which the development is headed. The second part, “Baranjski kalendar” (Baranja Calendar) in which all districts and Beli Manastir have an overview of the important cultural events and tourist events, as well as the contacts of the organizers, the days of the saints and similar gatherings in the year 2010. “Baranjski sveznadar” (Baranja Know-It-All) is the third part of the publication, a dictionary of traditional terms of the Baranja area which is related to the parts of folk costumes, tools, accessories, equipment and furniture. The fourth part of the book titled “Baranja u tanjuru” (Baranja on a plate) offers a menu with the dishes of the area made according to old recipes with descriptions of the eating habits of the local people that lived in past times. Since it has always been populated by numerous nationalities, the unique traditional flavors and scents related to the culinary specialties of this area and its diversity have always been attractive to both passers-by and chance travelers. Several thousand copies of the “Baranjski godišnjak” will be available at the end of November.

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