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«The six most beautiful things you must experience in Croatia»

22 November 2011 No Comment

The British Daily Mail has recently published an article under the title «The six most beautiful things you must experience in Croatia», in which it says how Croatia is ready to become one of the most popular short stay destinations of the year. In the article’s introduction, readers are reminded that Lonely Planet proclaimed Istria one of the best tourist destinations of 2011, and that it is only one of the stops in Croatia – a country outside of the euro zone, which is not expensive.

On the list of things to see and do, the Daily Mail reporter put a tour of the walls of Dubrovnik in the first place. He reminded readers how Dubrovnik was recently named in the US as one of the three most romantic places in the world, alongside Buenos Aires and Bora Bora and in front of Paris and Venice. He describes Dubrovnik as a `well preserved and beautiful town of stone and light`, located between the Adriatic and the Dinarid mountains and puts its 14th century city walls among the most beautiful in Europe. He states that the old town is full of medieval, Renaissance and Baroque treasures, with designer stores, restaurants and galleries.

Truffles and cycling through Istria, which Lonely Planet compared to Toscani, are in the second place of the best things in Croatia, according to the British magazine. It recommends the Istrian coast and the green inland of the peninsula, where medieval towns and villages located on hilltops can be reached by narrow, spiral streets. He states that Istria is ideal for cyclists because of the many well marked cycling paths and mentions truffle dishes as a specialty, while praising the gastronomic offer.

In the third place are the ‘sea organ’ and the `Sun Worship` installation in Zadar, in which reflects one of the most beautiful sunsets. The author describes Zadar as a beautiful and historical city, easily reachable as it is connected with low budget airlines.

In the fourth place is the handy craft of toy making in Croatian Zagorje, north of Zagreb, as an alternative to mass production. The handy craft of toy making has been present in this area for a very long time and craft masters still make 50 different wooden toys which are decorated with organic paints by women. He points out in the article that this ancient craft was put on the UNESCO list of intangible world heritage. He mentions Marija Bistrica and the surrounding villages as the best places to visit the masters of this toy making handy craft and from other Croatian traditional cultural heritage he singles out the two part folk singing in the coastal areas and the lace making craft in Lepoglava as well as the islands of Pag and Hvar, which the British magazine put in the fifth place. Hvar is described as a magical island where Starogradsko Polje (Starogradsko Field) is located, a place that UNESCO included on the list of world heritage, recognizing it as the best preserved ancient landscape of the Mediterranean. Greek inhabitants started harvesting this land 2400 years ago and nothing since then has changed in the quiet routine of grape and olive growing on the same land originally marked by Greek geodesists.

During a visit to the islands of Croatia, The Daily mail recommends apartment rentals in one of the many lighthouses along the Croatian coast. Last but not least on the list is Split, which abounds in attractive Roman ruins and remains. The author points out that Split and the UK are connected by low budget air carriers and that it is a city worth visiting at any time of the year. As especially exciting, he mentions the accommodation in the apartment of a boutique hotel situated inside the walls of the 1700 year old palace of the Roman emperor Diocletian ‘Put on your best clothes and walk along the Riva, a promenade along the coast, to the pine forest peninsula’, says the British magazine and mentions another amazing place only 20 miles away, the well preserved old town of Trogir with beautiful Venetian buildings.

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